• Art for all seasons of your life

    I am excepting commissioned pieces. Contact me at patriciamelchi@yahoo.com for quotes. Be blessed

  • Life is swiftly changing

    As days move forward I pray for earth peace. May the people of this world and generations to come see the importance of good stewardship towards this planet and its inhabitants. Nature and beauty is a gift no one should take that for granted. Our oceans and animals need our help and protection. The human race needs to see the connection. May God bless this planet.
    May God guide the humans towards better choices for the wellness as a whole.

  • 8-14-54 Yesterday I turn 61

    Tomorrow I will be taking new photos of completed walls in my Patty Wagon. I am planning a art show at the Patty Wagon in Oct 2015.
    I will keep you update soon on date, time and whereabouts.
    chao for now

  • It is not hard to help an animal, love it, give them what they need.

    I am mind boggled as this week I have been trapping ferrel cats to be spayed and neutered. My friend Sandy has taken in 115 cats.
    II myself am a dog lady but I only have one. Can't really afford to keep more. But what i can afford is to help them in crisis, find them a permanant home, help them with trauma and find the right people to help me meet their needs.
    I guess you can say it is a calling. Like today a dog shows up at my door terrified of the thunder, it came in like it owned the place. Paced for a half hour then settled down in a dark corner and calmed down.
    I called the owner who will pick him up today. It was a Katrina rescue and keeps running away from home. HUMMM. Not very happy were it lives.They told me it was a psyco dog that can be vicious hummmm
    they don't know their own dog. He is just frightened and unhappy were he is. Simple, the owner has six dogs and 23 cats this dog hates it. Wants to be were it can have some attention. Pet owners please listen up, rescuing doesn't always mean hoarding them. Or that you are the only one who can care for them. I have rescued over a thousand animals and just have two cats and one dog. I want to be able to give them what they need so when other animals come into my life, I love them with all my heart by finding them a good home. It is OK to let an animal move on to a new home if it is unhappy. Just recognize their needs and give it the best you can even if you have to let it go to someone else. Just don't be careless research and see where an animal is going don't put it at risk. With love for my best friends I say this

  • Let me be creative for you

    Consign an original piece of art to fit your finest motiff.

  • Remembering Steve Irwin

    Sept.4, 2006
    In honor of STEVE IRWIN the crocidile hunter, we love you and God bless you. To Terry and kids with much love our prayers are with you.

  • Will trade, to make my dream come true,

    One fine rock for one fine ranch.

    Peaceworks is on a mission to help animals and children.

    Patricia has been rescuing injured and displaced animals for many years. Her dream is to have a beautiful ranch were children learn gardening, environmental awareness, responsible animal care along with workshops to explore the nature of animals as an art form..

    On this ranch youths and adults will be living in a peaceful spirit filled environment while helping animals in need.
    We will rescue different animals in need of rehab or rehabilitation. We will also rescue and train death row dogs. These dogs will be donated as free service pets to the less fortunate.

    Lets help each other make a difference in people's lives.

    Each piece of original art work sold goes towards making this dream
    come true. Thank you for your contribution.

    With God all things are possible.

    I think I will name the ranch, "ROCK RANCH" after all, the rock came somewhere from heaven and landed on earth.:)