PEACEWORKS by Patricia Melchi

This site is dedicated to all the grandchildren that are in my heart.To Dylan, Hannah, Anthony thank you for the love you continue to give to me, may God always watch over all of my grandchildren!

Austin, Alyssa, Anthony, Rian, Morgin, Mickayla, Adam, Maximus. To all the grandchildren who never got to know me. I hope someday we can be a part of each others lives. May God watch over you as well. I Love You always!

Dancing to the beat of her own drum Patricia moves with the wind, making her way throughout the world as a self taught artist, poet, songwriter, storyteller, teacher.

Always looking to find ways to share her gifts with others.
Helping Gods loving creatures along the way.

Mother nature always teaching her, always embracing her on this journey.

A free Spirit true to her nature, knowing with God all things are possible.

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Original songs and poetry by Patricia Melchi

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