PEACEWORKS by Patricia Melchi
Tree Of Life
Poem by Patricia melchi
copyright 1994
I am the present, I am the past
I am the moment in time you can not see
Energy is my form, matter is what I make
I am the apple on the tree or I can be the snake
You can feel me in the wind or through the rays of the sun
All you need to do is call me and i will come
I can be your birth or i can be your death
It is up to you to do the rest. I can make things happen,
anything in fact, good or bad whatever you desire
You may now be wondering just who i am
the Devil, God or maybe man. Im all three and much more
Do you think you understand?
Everything you say and do, i am there too.
Have i given you enough of a clue?
I am your imagination, the energy force
I am really you of course.
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