In 1989, this rock fell from the sky in Canon City, Colorado. I had been picking up hay bales one afternoon, just before a rain storm moved in. While loading bales on my truck, I lost one of my earrings so, I began looking for it. I figured it would be easy to find since the grass was so short. But it was getting twilight and I still needed to put up the hay so I decided that I would come back the following morning to find my ear ring. Well in the morning I was walking out to the spot I lost my earring and there was something that looked like a cow paddy in the grass." I thought", this is weird cause my cow was in a different pasture. When I walked up to the cow paddy, I saw it was this weird rock. Well, there was no way for that rock to get in that hay pasture except from falling from the sky. The rock wasn't there the day before, when i was cleaning the field. So there you have it this unique rock from heaven.